• Written by Jo Pratt
    15 February 2012

We’re currently putting a lot of thought and effort into creating some new training tools and formats for our partners to help them really get to grips with project communications, kicking off with our first ever Akvo Track Day which is taking place at our Amsterdam headquarters on 6 March.

The Track Day is an opportunity to explore in detail not only Akvo’s tools – both existing and in the pipeline – but also new and future methods, opportunities and expectations for development communications generally. It will be a very interactive and lively event with a selection of workshops, mind energisers and cupcakes to stimulate creativity and productivity. For more information or if you’d like to attend, please contact Lissy[at]akvo.org

After the Amsterdam event, we’ll be running some training workshops for our field partners in various locations around the world, taking the best elements of the Track Day and adding some practical skills training. The workshops will take people through all the ins and outs of uploading projects and making good updates and will include hands-on opportunities to put into practice skills such as identifying the best photo-opportunities and conducting really great video interviews.

Like any communications tool, in order to use it powerfully, you need to understand what Akvo Really Simple Reporting (RSR) is capable of, why you should be using it and what you want to say.

We’re also putting together some new training materials including animations and video tutorials, visuals and walk-through documents designed to build the skills and confidence needed to identify and narrate the most interesting aspects of project stories. We’ll be rolling these out in the coming weeks and months, so watch this space.

Jo Pratt is Akvo’s communications manager