• Written by Adrian Collier
    10 June 2014

In case you hadn’t yet heard, we have launched Akvo RSR Up, an Android app for Updating RSR projects directly from your mobile device. At the moment if you would like to get hold of the app, then you can download it using the Google Play Store listing.

This method is very useful for those who have their own Android device as they’ll likely already have a login to the Play Store to access their apps. However if your work on RSR is part of a programme for your organisation, then it may be that you are using a company or a shared device, meaning you might not have a login or don’t want to use your personal login to get this download.

To help those users, we have also launched RSR Up on the F-Droid directory. F-Droid is an open platform for downloading free Android applications that requires no login to use.

Above left: EVE, An Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, from the film WALL-E. Right: R2-D2, an astromech droid, from the Star Wars films. Composite image by JD Hancock.

If you would like to use the F-Droid directory, you can download the store app which you can do by visiting their website or by scanning this QR Code directly from your device:

Or, if you prefer, you can download the installation package without installing the directory app, by browsing the store for RSR Up, or by scanning this QR Code from your device:


Adrian Collier is product manager for Akvo RSR, based in Amsterdam.