• Written by Kathelyne van den Berg
    24 May 2023

Training report by Eric Akattia working with Romain Tohouri Akvo’s local FLOW trainer in Ivory Coast

Summary of training picture by Mark Charmer

Akvo Flow training with the administrators of ANADER community project started this Monday July 15th and Tuesday 16th July 2013. The training was conducted using the following agenda:

Day 1
• Presentation of Akvo
• Introduction of Flow
• Surveys design

Day 2
• Phone basics
• Field survey application installation
• Field survey tool usage
• Surveys to devices assignment
• GPS calibration
• Save and submit surveys
• Data cleaning
• Data analysis
• Hint and tips

Day 1
The first day was an opportunity to present Akvo and its various products (Akvo openaid, Akvo Really Simple Reporting (RSR), Akvo FOLW and Akvopedia). The trainer has subsequently focused on the design of online forms allowing data collection using mobile devices. The first day allows participants to become more familiar with the FLOW tools used to collect data. The participants were able to design themselves the different data collection forms online, edit them, use the different question types and publish the final surveys. The first day ended with the creation of the survey forms. However, these forms could not be download to devices because of the poor quality of the internet connection.

The session ended with the official reception of 10 Samsung 2 7” tablets by ICRAF representative, Mr KOUASSI Allegra.


Albert Keint and Fabrice Gbana using FLOW on their tablet photo by Isidore Adje

DAY 2:
The second day began with the installation of the Field survey app on the tablets by participants themselves, followed by surveys assignment to devices and survey download to devices.
As third point, the calibration and use of devices GPS has been taught. The data displayed by the GPS tool application were interpreted by the trainer. After interpretation of the data received from the GPS, working groups have been established to enable participants to learn and use the tablet to complete the survey form already developed by on FLOW dashboard by Kathelyne. This field survey allowed each participant to practice the advices given by the trainer and see how to complete the different forms and how to send the data collected to the FLOW platform.

After this practical exercise, the participants went back to the training room to see the data they have collected appear online. The trainer subsequently shown the tabs of the “Data” menu. This step allowed to see the “inspect data” section that allows you to correct the data directly on the platform. To do that, you must choose the survey group and the form that you want to display and then you are free to edit each line to make needed corrections.

The “data cleaning” section, which allows to export raw data to Excel from the platform on the computer to make appropriate corrections, charts and/or analysis and then reimport the platform. The tab “bulk upload data” to import the corrected data that is on the computer to transfer it to the platform. As a precaution it is asked to make a copy of the exported file as a backup on the user’s computer to keep a copy of the original data collected. Like that your are always able to restore the system at its previous state.

Finally, the trainer gave some hints and tips and advice to participants on how to use the tablet.

Posted by Kathelyne van den Berg is Manager, partner operations, based in Amsterdam

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