A great highlight of Sunday’s Live Earth was the high profile our Dutch media partner Veronica TV gave us at the event in Amsterdam. The coverage, a 35 minute programme broadcast in the Sunday early evening prime-time slot just before the football, when noone has much else to do, left us all cheering, as we watched it inside Bar Hesp on the Amstel Canal.

Watch it here, or by clicking on the image below.


The programme’s in Dutch, but even non-Dutch speakers should get the picture of what’s happening. It’s got it all – great Dutch celebrities, fun / glamorous interviewers, footage from last month’s Walking for Water, interviews with kids, lots of buzz about the Prince of Orange, a comedy scare at the finish line, and a load of demonstrations of low-cost water technologies in the centre of the stadium. The Akvo profile is high – there are interviews with Mark Westra (definitely our own hero of the day), and with Peter van der Linde and Jeroen van der Sommen (our chairman).

It goes without saying that this wouldn’t have happened without the talented guys at Upstream Advertising, including Henk and Dimitri, who turned Live Earth Amsterdam from a possibility into a really successful day. Thanks guys.

Here are some more pictures from the first part of Sunday, when the TV crews were around – before we knew just how many people would turn out to run. (Click on the collage below to view the full set)


Update 23 April 2010: There’s another great photoset from our friends at UNESCO-IHE here, too, with greater emphasis on the run itself (when I was running, not taking pics!).

Mark Charmer is a co-founder of Akvo.