• Written by Mark Charmer
    24 May 2012

Now that Luuk isn’t in Amsterdam to help our staff there with video editing and the like, I realised we should get some tutorials online that explain some of the simple techniques we’ve found in the course of doing this stuff hundreds of times already for the Akvo blog and video channel.

I’ve just started using Screenflick, for Mac. 15 minutes creating my first watermarked trial video was enough to get me to buy the $29 license. I’d recommend it.

I’m still refining the best size and cursor-follow arrangement, but things are going ok.

In the end most videos we upload are embedded either in the blog or in Akvo RSR project updates. But the interim step is getting them online using a video service like Blip, YouTube or Vimeo. Since the start of 2012, we’re not adding many new Akvo videos to our Blip.tv channel as we don’t like their approach to ads and recommendations (which puts soft porn alongside our movies, and upsets people). So we’re using the Akvo YouTube channel now in the main.

However, I want us to hedge and experiment a bit, especially as YouTube is free and I’m minded to remember that “if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product”. So I’ve decided to try out Vimeo Plus ($9.99 per month subscription) for these tutorial videos. It’s performing well up to now and seems nicely designed.

I’ve posted two tutorials up to now.

How to edit a really simple Akvo video in Quicktime Pro 7

How to resize photos on a Mac, using Preview

Screenflick’s also a really nice way to communicate bugs and ideas for improvements to the Akvo RSR development team, so I’ll experiment more with that in future. I used it to highlight a login bug last week to Daniel and it was fixed within days. Hurrah!

There’s some other relevant background blogs here:

Keeping video really simple – an introduction (17 Oct 2011)
An outline of our really simple video philosophy, focusing on approach and techniques. This blog is the basis of our current video training we do with partners.

How I edit video, really simply, on a Mac (3 Nov 2011)
Overview in a blog of how we use QuickTime Player 7 Pro and create captions in keynote.