• Written by Marten Schoonman
    9 November 2016

Getting a grip on ‘the water situation’ in Ghana remains a challenge. Knowing where people have access to water lays the foundation for decision-making on the prioritisation of actions to undertake. But how can one sustainably monitor the situation and support communities to continued water access? These are some of the questions at the heart of the Ghanaian SMARTerWASH programme.

In my blog ‘Business drives access to water in Ghana’ I shared the background of the programme with a focus on the public-private partnership element of the programme. In this blog, I wish to share a six minute video in which the programme is outlined by some of the Ghanaian partners, first and foremost the public partner: the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA).

Above: The SMARTerWASH partners got together in August of this year to stocktake the progress of the programme. We reviewed the current status, and determined the way forward.

Above: Video on the SMARTerWASH programme using videos recorded by Marten Schoonman and Lars Heemskerk. 

Thanks to @aj_desalvo for his video editing skills and support to ‘make more videos at Akvo’.

Marten Schoonman is technical account manager at Akvo, based in Amsterdam. You can follow him on Twitter @mato74.

Marten Schoonman works as a Services manager at Akvo, based in Amsterdam. You can follow him on Twitter @mato74