• Written by Peter van der Linde
    1 October 2009

Today Kathelyne and I visited World Waternet in Amsterdam. The office is situated on the 5th floor of this cool building overlooking the Amstel river, close to where the finale event of this year’s Parade Festival.

Waternet was founded in 2006 and is the first company in the Netherlands that combines all water services (drinking water, waste water, surface water) under one roof. To be able to put this unique knowledge of the complete water cycle to use abroad, the international activities of Waternet are led by a separate foundation, called world waternet.

Photo: Gisele Brinkman and Gerard Rundberg from world waternet. Amsterdam, 1 October 2009.

Gisele Brinkman (fundraising manager) and Gerard Rundberg (managing director) explained that about 1% of Waternet’s workforce (1700 people) is available at any point for international projects that run in Suriname, Indonesia, the Republic of Latvia, Egypt, Turkey and Aruba. A new Dutch water law that passed will also create possibilities to use 1 % of the turnover of Waternet to further strengthen these international development activities over the years to come.

We had a very fruitful meeting about using Akvo’s fundraising and reporting platform to visualize world waternet’s international projects, the positioning of Amsterdam as a water city in 2010, and the potential of using Twitter to open up communication. I’ll be sharing more information as this exciting new partnership develops.

Peter van der Linde is the partner-director of Akvo. Follow him on Twitter @petervdl.