Akvo projects and partner map

Click on the map to go to the fully featured Google Map, where you can zoom, pan and click on the project “bubbles”.

We are working on a number of ways to visualise the work we are doing, such as video of projects in the field and web site widgets showing updates from field partners. But until now we haven’t shown our network and project base using digital maps.

Maps can be extraordinary powerful tools for showing the work you do. For example, I did not realise that we have already secured our first support partner in the United States, Catholic Relief Services, but it became obvious when I created the map. The map also nicely shows the clusters of projects in a particular area.

This is just a first step in using maps to visualise projects and partners using the Akvo Platform. We are going to integrate mapping technology into Akvo RSR and make it a tool to discover who is working on what, where. At the moment the map you see is created manually, but soon we hope to have it integrated into the Akvo Platform more dynamically via something like the Google Maps API, a method that makes it possible to feature or create these maps on other websites.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this initial map, including thoughts on how this could be used by project teams, project funders and others.