Walking for Water is an inspirational and rapidly expanding multi-million Euro campaign to get children focused on, and engaged in, the global water crisis. Launched in the Netherlands in 2002 by NGO Aqua for All with a few hundred participants, in 2010 it raised over €1.2 million for water projects around the world and more than 18,000 schoolchildren took part.

During the past two years, it has been Akvo’s role to connect everyone involved in the event directly to the projects they fund. Using the Akvo Really Simple Reporting system, children and sponsors view text and photo updates direct from the field to see the actual impact of their fundraising. Now, we are taking it to the next level.

Picture above: the new Walking for Water website

In 2011, Aqua for All and Akvo will make Walking for Water a truly international event, making it possible for schools around the world to participate. The first step was to create a dedicated Walking for Water website, which in the years to come will be the centre of the international campaign. The website, which contains a host of material, was launched just before the World Water Week in Stockholm.

It is now really easy to organise your own event — with simple guidelines to follow, organisations are free to use the concept of Walking for Water. The guidelines were created to both ensure the openness of the campaign — any school, development organisation or charity can be the initiating partner — and a balance between fundraising and education.

On the website www.walkingforwater.eu you can find out how to organise your own Walking for Water event, and get a set of step-by-step guides (for support centers, for schools, and for guest lecturers), which explain how to co-ordinate events and partner with schools and other community organisations. You can also read blogs, look at photo’s, and video’s to get a flavour of the 2010 event in the Netherlands.

Children learn about global water and sanitation issues, while raising funds to help solve them. Join a global campaign, and organise your own event!

See Aqua for All Director Sjef Ernes talk about the success of Walking for Water.