After eight years of successful Walking for Water events in the Netherlands, the campaign steps abroad for the first time later this month.

Over 700 children will walk in other countries, joining tens of thousands of Dutch kids walking to raise money for water projects, after learning about global water issues facing the world’s poorest people in their classrooms. In total we’re expecting about 22,000 kids to put on their blue backpacks and carry 6 litres of water 6 km to mark UN World Water Day 2011. Last year over 18,000 kids raised €1.2 million to fund real-life water projects in some of the poorest parts of the world. With low organising costs, a strong education component, a fun day out for the kids and every project online this is a campaign that works.

Walking for Water is working with Akvo to share the lessons of how to organise a successful walk easily, via a dedicated website at Here all kinds of information can be found on how to organise your own walk. Through a blog we keep the participants up to date. On the website children can find information on World Water Day, play a Hand Washing game and follow the project they support by clicking on the project map.

Powered by Akvo, kids outside the Netherlands are now fundraising for projects they can view online, in Walking for Water’s first year as an international campaign.

We’ve just published a Walking for Water Newsletter which you can download as a pdf here. Here you can read about the schools in the UK, South Africa and even the Mediterranean island of Malta that are organising their own Walking for Water events.

The children can join our Photo and Video contest. We want kids and teachers to send us pictures, videos and stories and tell us all about their experiences, Walking for Water. What was it like to walk 6km with 6 litres of water in your backpack? What did you learn during the Water lesson? What was your funniest moment? What did you enjoy the most? The best three submissions will be featured on the website and our favourite video will appear on AkvoTV.

You can also download and print off our Walking for Water poster, great to pin around the school, community centre or in the kitchen at home. You can download it here.

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Follow Walking for Water on facebook and twitter @walkingfwater

Kathelyne van den Berg is a project officer at Akvo, and leads our support of Walking for Water. She’s based in The Hague.

Walking for Water is powered by Akvo.

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