• Written by Mark Tiele Westra
    3 March 2010

At Akvo, we are always looking for ways to assist our partners in realizing water and sanitation projects around the globe. Last year we approached the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) to see if any of their students would be interested in exploring concepts that could help increase the water awareness of the general public. Five students immediately formed the Design for Water group.

Photo above: The Design for Water team of the Utrecht School of Arts

One of the concepts they came up with relates to the Dow Live Earth Run for Water, and is called ‘Water Runs the City’.

Catherina van der Meer, one of the Design for Water students: “We realized that the runners could form a water stream, running through the city – passing huge pictographs of pipes, taps, toilets, and umbrellas. It could help bring the run and the message it aims to conveys to life.”

Have a look at the nice movie they did, which gives a good impression. Wouldn’t it be great to see this in action one day!

Design for Water is a joint project between the HKU and Akvo. The concept is owned by HKU, and can be used for non-profit activities connected to the Dow Live Earth Run for Water. To contact the Design for Water team, please send a mail to Catharina van der Meer (designforwater [at] gmail.com) or to Mark Tiele Westra (m.t.westra [at] akvo.org).