• Written by Mark Charmer
    25 August 2010

The Stockholm World Water Cube video studio lands for its second year at World Water Week in early September. Once again we’re running it, along with SIWI and IRC. The action starts on Sunday 5th September and we’ll be using Flip cameras and other low cost video devices to do interviews and publish them online for the duration of Stockholm World Water Week.

Photo: Stockholm World Water Cube, August 2009. This year’s World Water Week is being held from 5th to 11th September 2010 at the Stockholmsmässan conference centre in Stockholm, Sweden.

World Water Week is the leading annual gathering for people committed to tackling the world’s water (and sanitation) problems. This is Akvo’s fourth year at the event.

The WaterCube is really cool – it works like this:

We’re the white cube in the middle of the exhibition area. If you’re at World Water Week, drop by and talk to us.

We want to film you, to learn about your work. Share your insights on the water issues we face, and what’s needed to tackle them.

All our video interviews are edited (simply) and then shared online at www.watercube.tv. We have a dedicated high speed internet pipe that means we can get video online fairly quickly. Watch us edit and upload as we go.

Anyone can drop by and join in the conversation. Share ideas and interactions with a dynamic, independent, constantly-changing team of video reporters, drawn from some of the water sector’s most innovative organisations.

We also have video streams running live on the big screen at the WaterCube, so you can see who else has been interviewed.

We license all our material as Creative Commons and its powered by the Blip.tv platform. This means it gets syndicated to other online channels and it’s easy for anyone to embed any interviews on their own websites.

We’re keen to help people learn how to use online video to begin documenting their own work to global audiences, sharing knowledge and creating unexpected partnerships and opportunities. Hang out and we’ll show you how.

You can follow our interviews online throughout the week at www.watercube.tv and I’ll be featuring video highlights here on the Akvo.org blog too.

WaterCube 2 features a stack of new partners in the reporting team. Two people will join us from Arghyam, which runs the India Water Portal. Its CEO Sunita Nadhamuni (also on Akvo’s board) was featured a few days ago on the prestigious TED Blog. We also have reporters from five national resource centre networks on water and sanitation: Burkina Faso (CREPA), Honduras (RAS-HON), Ghana (RCN Ghana), Nepal (ENPHO), Uganda (NETWAS).

You’ll find details on attending World Water Week here.

I’m really grateful for the unwavering support of Lovisa Selander at SIWI and Nick Dickinson at IRC. I’ll be in and around the studio all week, along with Akvo’s Thomas Bjelkeman and Luuk Diphoorn. We’re looking forward to an amazing week.

Browse last year’s interviews by clicking on the image below.


And here’s Nick talking at WaterCube 1 about the background on the concept.

Or check out this video interview with myself and Lovisa on the philosophy behind the WaterCube, too.

Mark Charmer is a co-founder of Akvo.