Jeroen van der Sommen is director of the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), one of the founding partners of Akvo. Last week he attended the inaugural Aquatech trade fair in New Delhi, India.

The Tulip Filter is based on a Dutch invention, and is produced locally in Pondicerry, India.

Ten years ago, the Netherlands Water Partnership was founded on the belief that solving the water problems in the world required joint action of government, private sector, knowledge centres and NGOs. Today, 200 organisations work together in NWP, forming a one-stop shop for the Dutch Water Sector.

At NWP, we are convinced that whatever the problem, it should be solved through an integrated approach, combining technology, capacity building and governance. That is why we brought a delegation of our member organisations to Aquatech who together span this whole range – across the whole water ‘cycle’.

The company Fugro brought airborne water surveys, Eijkelkamp brought its onsite survey tools, Microlan demonstrated water sensors and monitoring equipment, Paques and IMT showed off water treatment technologies, Applus brought asset management and leakage detection to the mix, GENAP demonstrated water storage options, and DHV brought it all together with system integration.

Jeroen van der Sommen interviews Klaas van der Ven on the Tulip Filter.

India faces many water issues with its fast growing population. More and more, consumers will demand better drinking water, better service and better quality, and there is a huge need for water in agriculture. It’s very clear that solving the Indian water challenges is not only a matter of high-tech solutions for the high-end market, but also of appropriate and affordable solutions for the huge rural market.

A stand that attracted lots of visitors was that of Basic Water Needs India, which produces a very effective family water filter for less than 500 Rupees ($11). The filter, sold in India under the brand name Tulip Filter, is based on a Dutch invention, and is produced locally in Pondicerry, India.

Jeroen van der Sommen is chairman of Akvo and the managing director of Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP)