• Written by Jo Pratt
    15 February 2012

Congratulations to Stella Nekesa of CFSU in Uganda who wins our video update competition with a great little interview with a student explaining how improved ICT in her school is helping her learn. It’s less than a minute long, but manages to communicate very succinctly why the interventions provided by this technology for education project are so important and beneficial – proving that short really can be sweet.

The video has a great feeling of immediacy and authenticity because it’s clearly a single un-edited take and the student speaking has just emerged from a lesson where she has experienced a new technology for the first time. The interviewer is a participant in the conversation – his questions haven’t been edited out – and this helps to build the viewer’s trust. Although, sadly, we’re not told who he is.

A Flip Video Ultra Camcorder is on its way to Stella’s team.

We’d also like to give a special mention to Olivia Nalweyiso of Health Child in Uganda who submitted two powerful films about maternal healthcare. I find this interview with a young mother describing her experiences of pregnancy and birth without any medical care particularly effective.

Jo Pratt is Akvo’s communications manager