You may already be aware that I like nifty tools and gadgets – and when I find a new one that works well, I’m all up for sharing my experiences.

This time it’s the (not so new but still kinda shiny) open source “brainstorming” tool FreeMind that I have rediscovered for the Mac. I used FreeMind on my PC in Windows 7 a few years ago, and was really pleased to find out it’s also available on OSX.

FreeMind allows you to dump all of your ideas into your computer and structure it as you go. Simple keyboard shortcuts like Tab for a new child node, let you quickly zoom through your mind and drop each nugget of information into a nicely structured document without you needing to think much about it.

OK, so the final result is not pretty, but it does export to a collapsable html file – if that’s any use to you… For me, I’ll be expanding all the branches of the html tree, copy and paste it into my favourite text editor and turning it into a reStructuredtext document – cuz that’s how I roll!

Or maybe it’s due to our Akvo RSR tech documentation being written in reStructuredtext…

Adrian Collier is the product manager for Akvo RSR, based in Amsterdam.