Collect, combine, analyse and visualise high quality digital data from the field and boost the impact of your development work.

We’ll work with you at every step of your data journey, from designing your surveys to training your data collectors and monitoring data quality as it comes in. Our robust and user-friendly data platform will allow you to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Looking to embark on a data journey with us?

Receive expert guidance throughout your data journey



Discover your data needs and data uses. Receive support on data gaps, survey design, and choosing the right sampling method to ensure accuracy.



Ensure reliable data collection from the start. Gain guidance on selecting the best data collectors for the job and monitoring data quality on the go.



Prepare your data for decision making. Receive advice on data cleaning, analysis, and visualisations to tell stories with your data.



Use your data to contribute to impact. Receive support on open data sharing, system integration, and data-informed decision making.

Streamline your data journey with our data platform

Akvo Flow


Capture, clean and monitor reliable data anywhere, regardless of internet connection. Collect accurate, timely, geo-tagged information, images and data. Easily align and manage distributed teams through the online workspace.

Monitor changes over time and scale your efforts up to international level. Create and export simple reports and visualisations.

Akvo Lumen


Build interactive maps, graphs and charts using the Akvo Lumen add on. Filter, aggregate, combine and enrich the datasets. Easily design and create and share dynamic dashboards online.

Display your visualisations with context. Add new data and immediately see the updated visualisations. Share them with a limited audience or the world

Work #withAkvo

Ten years of experience using data to improve development programmes

A solid track record in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and agriculture

A proven approach to data which ensures success from the start

A diverse team to support you, from data analysts to water quality experts

A robust open source data platform which connects with other tools and hardware

Local teams in five continents to support you, both online and offline

6 million+



visualisations created




people trained