From climate data to action

Akvo supports governments, businesses, and NGOs in mitigating and adapting to climate impacts. We specialise in helping these actors understand climate change, plan effective adaptation and mitigation measures, and integrate local context into data-driven decision making. By bringing together the best available insights through our digital platform and database solutions, we empower people to build a more equitable and sustainable future.

Our climate data and tech services

We offer data and technology services tailored to your needs and goals, and we bring climate sector expertise and local presence to ensure that the work we do is contextually relevant and sustainable.

Digital platforms to catalyse climate action

We create digital platforms that link stakeholders to initiatives, data, and resources focused on specific climate actions. These platforms enhance collaboration, facilitate knowledge sharing, and accelerate climate action.

Verifying carbon credits

We verify carbon credit claims through cost-effective, robust, and accurate ground truthing methods.

Drought monitoring

We develop and operationalise drought monitoring systems, ensuring that (local) governments have access to accurate drought monitoring insights, helping them to prepare for and become resilient to droughts.

Empowering communities with climate data

Digital solutions are not available to everyone. Akvo develops low-tech solutions to empower local communities, ensuring that accurate insights for mitigating or adapting to climate challenges are accessible to all.

The importance of data in the age of climate crisis

The climate crisis affects every aspect of our lives. 

Tailoring digital solutions to local contexts is essential for effective mitigation and adaptation strategies to cope with the climate crisis. However, the digital divide prevents many from accessing crucial data and digital technology.

At Akvo, we bridge this gap by providing data and digital solutions. We empower organisations, governments, businesses, and communities to understand climate change, develop effective strategies, and incorporate local data into global decision-making mechanisms.

Our mission is to make data and technology accessible to all, enabling everyone to mitigate and adapt to climate impacts.

What is your key challenge regarding the climate? Speak to our team to find out how Akvo can help you build a more equitable and sustainable future.