Criteria, roles and procedures for Akvo partners

We call users of Akvo RSR “partners”. There are three types of partners; support partners, field partners and funding partners. Their various criteria, roles, responsibilities and procedures are described below.

You can find answers to some other questions about Akvo RSR partnerships in the RSR section of our FAQ page.

Support partners


An Akvo RSR support partner preferably fulfils the following criteria, where applicable:
  • is an organisation with professional staff, working in multiple regions or countries on development projects.
  • has a substantial track record of successful international development projects.
  • is embedded in international networks and has multiple links with other professional organisations.
  • is accredited by a national accrediting body which inspects public interest bodies and ensures they meet high standards of management and integrity.

Tasks and responsibilities

An Akvo RSR support partner:
  • can introduce new field partners into the RSR system, with the approval of Akvo.
  • supports the field partners with which it is affiliated in producing project proposals of sufficient quality.
  • approves the final project proposals of its associated field partners.
  • establishes a project agreement with each field partner in which mutual roles and responsibilities are clarified.
  • supports the field partner in using the Akvo tools, e.g., presenting projects in a clear and attractive way on Akvo RSR.
  • assists field partners in producing an adequate number of project updates during the running of their projects. (Akvo provides technical assistance through online support tools and via email).
  • carries out monitoring and evaluation of the project.
  • may support field partners in a number of additional ways, e.g. providing knowledge, information, training, access to contacts or networks, assistance writing project implementation plans and troubleshooting.
  • pays the applicable fees for using Akvo RSR. See the pricing section for more information.

How to become a support partner

  1. Send an email to requesting RSR support partner membership. The email should contain material supporting your request, including how you fulfill the above criteria, and references from other organisations with whom you have worked.
  2. Akvo will check your application against the list of criteria for RSR support partners, making additional enquiries through our partner network.
  3. Once we have evaluated and approved your application, a meeting will be arranged – either in person, or via phone or online tools – between your organisation and Akvo director Jeroen van der Sommen, who is responsible for finalising new partnerships.
  4. A Memorandum of Understanding will be signed by both parties, providing a framework for cooperation and clarifying tasks and responsibilities.
  5. Once you have been accepted as an RSR support partner, you will receive further information on using and maintaining your Akvo RSR account, and can begin using the system.

Field partners


An Akvo RSR field partner fulfils the following criteria:
  • has a support partner which approves and supports the implementation of its projects.
  • is registered as a foundation, NGO, or other type of organisation.
  • has a sustained relationship with the communities in the region in which its project is implemented.
  • has an office in the region in which its project is implemented.
  • has an existing track record in development projects.

Tasks and responsibilities

An Akvo field partner:
  • produces a thorough, detailed project proposal, in close consultation with its support partner(s).
  • implements the project, in close cooperation with the local community, and as specified in the project agreement drawn up with the support partner.
  • provides regular project updates on Akvo RSR.

How to become a field partner

  1. To become an RSR field partner you must be affiliated with an organisation willing to vouch for your credentials and act as your support partner. This can be done in multiple ways, depending on your situation:
    1. You may already have an existing relationship with one of our support partners. You can find a list of current support partners here.
    2. You can contact an existing support partner and ask them to act as your support partner.
    3. You can talk to your existing partners about joining the Akvo partner network as your support partner. They should then follow the procedure for becoming a support partner.
  2. You must have in place a project agreement with your support partner, clarifying mutual roles and responsibilities. Work with them to develop your project plan to meet their approval standards.
  3. Once your support partner has joined the Akvo partner network and we have verified your connections, you will receive further information on using and maintaining your RSR account, and can begin using the system.