Finding the right technical solution for all of your data needs - from data collection and analysis to visualisation and reporting - can be a challenge.

With our team of development and technology experts, we create comprehensive tech solutions tailored to your programme and organisation. We integrate various tools and functionalities into one simple solution, allowing your teams to focus on using data to drive change.

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What kind of tech solutions does Akvo offer?

Co-design and implement a tech solution based on your specific needs

Prototype tech solutions in consultation with your team

Develop solutions on top of our core products (Flow, Lumen, Caddisfly, RSR)

Translate sector specific software needs into custom solutions

Integrate solutions with other tools using APIs

Create custom M&E data portals and interactive dashboards

Provide remote data collection alternatives

Our work

Custom online reporting for the European platforms for sustainable cocoa
Building a custom monitoring and evaluation (M&E) portal for 2SCALE
Remote data collection with smallholder farmers in Mexico

Are you looking for a custom tech solution?

Akvo can create prototypes, integrate existing tools, and build custom M&E portals for your programme's needs.

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