How can I put my project online?

The organisation administrator is the person within your organisation who can create a new project online. There are two ways for the administrator to do this:

    1. Log into the Akvo RSR Admin to complete an online project form.


    1. Complete a project form in pdf. Email support[at] for a project form in pdf.

    To add a project via the Akvo RSR Admin:

    1. Go to your organisation’s Akvo RSR page and login at the bottom of the page, or go to and click login in the upper right corner. In the Akvo RSR box, click RSR administrator login page. Login with your username and password.
    2. After you’ve been logged in, click Projects and your organisation’s list of projects will appear. Then click Add project to add a new project via the online project form. Make sure to click Save and continue editing at the bottom of the page every now and then.

    General information

    Give your project a short title (maximum 45 characters) and subtitle (maximum 75 characters). These fields are the newspaper headline for your project: use them to attract attention to what you are doing. Enter the status of your project.

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