What type of content do you provide or encourage on Akvopedia?

We focus on sustainable, affordable, and low-tech technologies that enable our users to learn about, build, finance or implement water and sanitation projects around the world. We do not show technologies for urban areas (e.g. large-scale urban water infrastructure), but rather help rural or urban fringe “slum” areas (e.g. a rainwater harvesting tank system for a village) in the developing world. The process our users face when undertaking a WASH project involves a lot of planning and follow up, so we try to provide organisational methods or approaches, as well as more simple construction information (i.e. how-to pages) for things like household pumps and simple water quality methods. We are not a knowledge institute or directly connected with academia, therefore we seek information that we can repackage in an easy-to-read, user-friendly way.

However, links to more academic articles are okay, if they are not too jargon-heavy. We would love for the water-scarce community members themselves (who are often infrequently educated) to be able to read documents on Akvopedia and not feel that the information is inaccessible or difficult to apply to their situation. In this manner, we try to keep our pages as simple introductions to the technologies or methods we support, not a full-length database of information. This is best achieved by keeping articles relatively short, then providing links if users want to know more. However, academics often find Akvopedia useful as well.

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