Learn more about how our data platform can help you capture and understand data that matters

Scale your programme

Akvo Flow, Caddisfly and Lumen can be run on any number of devices and support the submission of millions of forms. They work on any system with an updated internet browser, with no specific software installation required.

Go multilingual

The Flow online workspace and app are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese. The app is also available in Hindi. Lumen can be used in English, Spanish and French.

Ensure security

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocol for data transmission between various parts of the system.

Collect data anywhere

Flow’s user friendly Android app and Caddisfly water quality testing app are designed to work in remote locations that are often off grid. Collect data even when you have no network coverage, and upload it automatically when coverage resumes or manually via USB.

More features

Design your forms

Design your forms directly in Akvo Flow. Use a variety of question types to collect not only quantitative or qualitative data, but also water quality test results, GPS data, images, geographical shapes, cascading option questions, barcodes, QR codes and more.

Conduct validation checks

Set limitations and question logic with our intuitive form designer. Ensure you are always asking the right people the right questions in the right order, and get the best possible data.

Repeat a group of questions

Our repeated question group allows you to ask a set of questions multiple times without having to recreate all the questions. For example, ask a respondent how many crop types they grow and then repeat a set of questions for each crop.

Translate your forms

Are you working on your project in one country but collecting data in others? Not a problem. You can create your form in any language you wish and translate it multiple times to ask the questions in the language your respondents speak. We also support non-Latin scripts.

Monitor and enrich your data

Flow’s monitoring feature allows you to capture data for your data point over time and monitor change. You can also connect different forms to one data point and enrich your dataset with different types of data. Existing data can be downloaded to your device so that you can monitor even when offline.

Transfer your form templates

Do you use certain forms across your entire organisation for different projects? Instead of recreating the form for each project, simply copy it over to another project folder.

Coordinate data collection at scale

Manage your data collectors, assign them forms and data points to monitor, and easily deploy new forms for data collection.

Export your data codebook

Export full and detailed form structure so that you can understand your variables and easily analyse your dataset.

Link up with other tools

Connect our open source platform with other tools and systems using the API. 

Create comprehensive reports

Besides exporting your data into data sheets, Flow’s Comprehensive report summarises your data set into basic stats and charts to give you a quick understanding of your data, effortlessly.

Collaborate with your team

Give data access to your entire team. With our roles and permissions, you can ensure team members have access to the data they need and you can manage their roles to ensure data tasks are distributed well across your organisation.

Easily test water quality

The Caddisfly app takes you through each test step by step and, where needed, determines the test results for you. Pictures of individual test results are included for quality assurance.

Test a wide array of parameters

Using Akvo Caddisfly, you can test over 30 parameters for a variety of purposes. Choose from colorimetry (residual chlorine, fluoride, nitrate, and more),  sensors (EC, pH, turbidity), microbiology (e.coli) and test strips (arsenic, nitrate, pH, and more).

Analyse multiple data sources

Lumen allows you to upload datasets directly from Akvo Flow, as well as CSV files from a local computer or via a link from other locations. Connect your Flow data with other data to enrich your insights and discover hidden patterns in your data.

Clean data offline or online

With Akvo Lumen, you can remove white spaces and blank cells, change case, apply filters, switch data types, solve inconsistencies in numerical and date-format, and sort, rename, combine or delete columns in a few mouse clicks. Do you prefer to clean your data offline? Export your data set from Flow, clean it and then import it back for further analysis.

Transform, calculate and score your data

Before you start visualising your data, you need split data into columns and extract the values you need. Lumen’s data editor helps you to derive new columns to carry out calculations and create new expressions. Implement a decision model, check data quality, or apply a score based on the contents of several other columns.

Visualise with a variety of charts

How would you like to visualise your data? Check the composition of your data in pie, bar or polar charts. Reveal the distribution of four variables on a scatter plot. Show relationships between values with bubbles, or compare values over time with line charts. Lumen’s variety of charts supports you in visualising your data easily and allows you to customise their layout and colours to fit your brand.

Find patterns on the map

Visualising data on a map can not only show spatial patterns but convey strong insights. With Lumen, you can customise how you visualise your data and layer it over with administrative boundaries, geo shapes or other data layers to convey the full picture.

Automatically update your data

Transformations will be automatically reapplied when new data comes in and you update your data set. This means live data can be cleaned and transformed, and existing static data can be turned into self-updating, flowing data sources. Furthermore, visualisations and dashboards will automatically update when the underlying data changes. In future, you can schedule these updates.

Log your transformations

Lumen logs all the transformations made to your data, so the process is fully transparent. You can look back to see who did what, and revert to old versions if you need to – removing the risk of damage to your data.

Create dashboards

Organise your visualisations into attractive dashboards, and design how you want them to look. Bring your insights together, add context to tell the stories of your data, and share them online.

Share your insights

Publish your dashboards and visualisations in the form of a website, iframe or widget on a variety of devices, and with a variety of access possibilities. Soon, you’ll be able to download your visualisations to add to your reports or presentations.

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