Sunita is director at the Center for Transformational Innovations (CeTI) at EMC, India, the world’s largest provider of data storage systems. CeTI focuses on applying innovative technology to address issues faced by emerging economies, in particular related to healthcare. She was previously founder and CEO of Arghyam, a unique and highly-regarded foundation with a mission to ensure “safe, sustainable water for all” and projects spanning 20 Indian states. She also worked in several capacities with the Asia Pacific Water Forum, building links with regional players. She brings to Akvo’s board extensive experience in both grant-making and technical, research and advocacy initiatives that aim to help transform conditions for India’s urban and rural poor. She is experienced in forming partnerships that connect governments, NGOs and other institutions, for impact and scale.

Between the late 1980s and 2004, Sunita lived and worked in the United States for technology companies including Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, WebMD (Healtheon) and GlobeTrades Inc. From 1996 to 2004 she was an executive member of ICA Indians for Collective Action, based in Santa Clara, CA. She also helped forge cooperation between US and Indian communities through work with the American India Foundation, Rejuvenate India Movement, and founded SEVA, which supported grass-roots development work in rural India. She holds a Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York and a bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication from Andhra University. Based in Bangalore, Sunita is a TED India fellow and has authored two books based on her work.