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Anita van der Laan
Globam team manager

Office: +31 20 820 0175
Whatsapp | Mobile: +31 6 493 29278
E-mail: anita@akvo.org
Skype: anitavanderlaan1


Meet our global team

  • Zuhdil Herry Kurnia

    Backend Developer, Indonesia

  • Michael Vogel

    Senior back end developer, Amsterdam

  • Ouma Odhiambo

    UI/UX Data visualization designer, Kenya

  • Galih Pratama

    Project officer, Bali

  • Iwan Firmawan

    Front end developer, Purbalingga

  • Jildemarie Brouwer

    Project officer, Amsterdam

  • Tessa Laan

    Senior PMEL advisor, Amsterdam

  • Franky Li

    Programme manager, Amsterdam

  • Carmen Wolvius

    Data services expert, Amsterdam

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    PMEL data solution expert, Amsterdam

  • Juan Antonio Ruz Velasco

    Developer, Sevilla

  • Deden Bangkit

    Data services expert, Denpasar

  • Anita van der Laan

    Global team manager, Amsterdam

  • Harro Riedstra

    Programme manager, Amsterdam

  • Geert Soet

    Data services expert, Amsterdam

  • Annabelle Poelert

    PMEL expert, Amsterdam

  • Emeline Bereziat

    Programme manager, West Africa

  • Joy Ghosh

    Senior data services expert, Denpasar

  • Charlotte Soedjak

    PMEL expert, Amsterdam

  • Hans Merton

    Regional director East Africa and Asia Pacific, Amsterdam

  • Jeroen van der Sommen

    Co-founder & director, Amsterdam

  • Loïc Sans

    Design & user interface lead, Helsinki

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