Akvo Policies and Terms

At Akvo we are committed to helping our partners publish their data in the most useful ways they can, within established best practice associated with open source licensing and the open source movement.
We share all of these policies under a Creative Commons license so others can learn from and improve on them. See the licensing and copyright section for more details on this.

1. The Akvo Foundation

    1.1 General

    1.2 Internal policies

      2. Partnering with Akvo

        2.1 General

        2.2 Akvo Really Simple Reporting (Akvo RSR)

        • 2.2.1 Akvo RSR Terms of Use
          This document is the detailed terms of service governing access to and use of Akvo RSR.
        • 2.2.2 Akvo RSR partner roles and responsibilities
          This overview sets out the various roles of Akvo RSR partners, so you can see how you can fit into the network.
        • 2.2.3 Donation policy This explains how we handle money that is donated to projects and programmes.
        • 2.2.4 Project cancellation policy How we handle projects that didn’t work out according to plan.
        • 2.2.5 API code of conduct
          This sets out how we expect those that use the Akvo RSR application programming interface (API) to act, in order to protect ourselves and our partners from misuse or abuse.

        2.3 Akvo Flow

        • Akvo Flow Terms of Use
          This document is the detailed terms of service governing your access to and use of Akvo Flow.

        2.4 Akvopedia

        • 2.4.1 Akvopedia Policies and Guidelines
          Akvopedia has developed a body of policies and guidelines to further our goal of creating a free source of content for water and sanitation.
        • 2.4.2 Akvopedia privacy policy
          This Akvopedia page outlines policies related to user and data privacy.