Here you will find the Akvo Foundation’s Data Processing Agreement (DPA). The purpose of this DPA is to secure adequate safeguards with the respect to the protection of privacy and to ensure that the processing of Personal Data is in accordance with the Data Controller’s and Data Processor’s legal obligations.

You need to be an existing Partner organisation to initiate the DPA signing process:

  1. Download our DPA here or click on the button below.
  2. Review the document.
  3. If you have any questions or need further information regarding the DPA before signing the agreement, please contact us on dpa@akvo.org.
  4. If you agree with the terms of the document, complete the necessary details on page 4.
  5. Continue to complete the ‘signed on behalf of’ paragraph with your signature, name and position on page 26 of the agreement.
  6. Scan and return the agreement to us by emailing the document to dpa@akvo.org.
  7. We will email you a link from which to download the signed/completed agreement.