Improve your programme based on aggregated and reliable indicator results, and share them with the people who need to see them.

We’ll work with you at every step of your data journey, from designing your monitoring framework to creating custom reports or a website to share your results. Our robust and user-friendly data platform will allow you to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Looking to embark on a data journey with us?

Receive expert guidance throughout your data journey


Lay a solid foundation for your data use. Receive support on creating your context analysis, Theory of Change, results framework, and digital communication strategy.


Ensure high quality data collection from the start. Work with both qualitative and quantitative indicators. Gain knowledge and advice on data standards like IATI and ensure that your results are monitored effectively.


Tell stories with your data. Monitor and evaluate your projects using a simple web interface. Receive guidance on the best ways to analyse your data for reporting.


Share your data and improve your work. Get support in publishing your data and using it to improve accountability, planning, learning and profiling. Showcase your results to secure funding and sustainability.

Streamline your data journey with our data platform

Akvo RSR

Akvo Really Simple Reporting: where all your planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning (PMEL) processes come together. Increase collaboration and transparency, improve decision making, and share the results of your projects with the people who need to see them.

Monitor the results of all your projects in one platform, in a shared format that everyone understands. Define indicators at programme and project level. Align dispersed teams from the start. Create reports at the click of a button or customise your reports based on your needs. Publish your results to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).


Add Akvo Sites

Make the scope and range of your work visible and discoverable with the Akvo Sites add on. Bring your programme activity to life on an attractive, modern and cost-effective website.

Choose the branding, look and feel, pick from a menu of content options, and reach the people you need to reach. The result is a website that brings to life the work of programmes and organisations. We’ll support you in tracking your programme’s impact with web analytics, making sure your website is reaching the right people, and improving your conversion rate.


Work #withAkvo

Ten years of experience using data to improve development programmes

A solid track record in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and agriculture

A proven approach to data which ensures success from the start

A diverse team to support you, from data analysts to water quality experts

A robust open source data platform which connects with other tools and hardware

Local teams in five continents to support you, both online and offline






project updates


strategic partnership sites

Strategic partnership

Strategic collaboration at multi-organisation or multi-country level


Design - Full programme design collaboration. Division of partner roles and responsibilities. Data platform set up and maintenance.

Capture - Support in monitoring and online reporting at scale.

Understand - Training and support in cleaning, combining, transforming, visualising and analysing data.

Act - Support in translating insights into decisions that drive impact. Support with internal and external communications.


Projects reported online: 1,000+

People trained: 50 - 100

Data journey partnership

€25,000 - €100,000
Continuous support throughout your data journey


Design - Programme design workshop. Data platform set up and maintenance. Support in designing your results framework.

Capture - Training and support in data collection and online reporting.

Understand - Data analysis workshop. Support in data visualisation and analysis.

Act - Support in translating insights into reports and websites.


Projects reported online: 250 - 1,000

People trained: 10 - 49

Starter partnership

€10,000 - €25,000
Local support with your project implementation


Design -Kick-off meeting. Data platform set up and maintenance.

Capture -Training and support in data collection and online reporting.

UnderstandSupport in data visualisation.


Projects reported online: 50 - 250

People trained: 1 - 10

Improve and showcase your results

Speak to our team and find out how Akvo can support you in your data journey.