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Akvo in the press

Here are some highlights of what notable people are saying about us and some articles we've written that others have published:

Cisco, 31 March 2023, The next generation of data collection for sustainable development

Partos, 9 February 2022, Digitalisation for Development #1: The Potential of Data

Vice Versa, 5 February 2022, Gathering and organising: A plea for data thinking (EN) and Sprokkelen en Ordenen: Een pleidooi voor data-denken (NL)

DevEx, 8 July 2021, Opinion: Unlocking data's potential for those who need it most

Cisco, 20 March 2020, Why we need field-based data systems for water quality

Forbes, 17 January 2019, The H2O Epidemic: Can Tech Solve Our Water Woes?

iDT labs (Medium), 4 Dec 2017, How human centered design can help ICTs to innovate for WASH

Guardian Environment, 1 March 2016, Living in Indonesia's marine protected areas - in pictures (photo story featuring images of Akvo Flow)

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Sustineo blog, 27 November 2015, Moving with the changing landscape of field data collection – benefiting from a transition to tablets

Unicef Pacific blog, 1 September 2015, Champions for healthy schools, 16 September 2015, Drie manieren waarop mobiele telefoons bijdragen aan betere data

Six Degrees, 27 July, 2015, Your smartphone is the next water testing kit

BBC World Service radio, Click, 5 May, 2015, Rebuilding Vanuatu with smartphones

Pacific RISA blog, 28 April 2015, Innovative tools for water supply, sanitation and hygiene a priority for Fiji schools, 3 April, 2015, How open source software builds strong roots for better governance

World Economic Forum, 19 February 2015, How is open data changing India?

World Bank, Information & Communications for Development, 17 February 2015, On the road to open data: glimpses of the discourse in India

Unicef Ethiopia, 3 February 2015, Government of Ethiopia and UNICEF compile national water & sanitation inventory, 7 January 2015, 2015: The year the UN resets the count, 19 November 2014, 5 open source projects making the world better you should know

Mali national TV ORTM, 27 May 2014, Dagmar Verbeek presents Akvo FLOW (video, in French)

Impact x (Huffington Post), 9 April 2014, 10 big lessons we learned in the business of intelligent international development

PC Tech Magazine, 3 April 2014, Text to change launches WASHtxt sanitation project in Uganda

Wall Street Journal - The Accelerators, 2 April 2014, Sam Gichuru: the vibrant tech scene in Nairobi

Guardian global development professionals network, 12 March 2014, 18 ways to iron out IATI, 1 March 2014, Akvo spotlights Aguayuda heroes for clean water activities in La Guajira, Colombia

Impact x (Huffington Post), 11 February 2014, Revolutionizing  philanthropy: three tenets for non-profits

Impact x (Huffington Post), 21 March 2013, Going with the FLOW to achieve impact

Engineering for Change, 19 February 2013, Data mapping has a new look with Akvo FLOW's first major update

CNN, 22 March 2012, Going with the 'FLOW' towards better sanitation

MobHappy, 27 September 2010, Akvo's smart idea for charity

Circle of Blue, 28 July 2010, Q&A: Thomas Bjelkeman-Petersson connecting aid and water online at

Guardian News, 5 February 2010, Meet the Wikipedia of the mapping world

Financial Times, 28 May 2009, Donor programmes: Sponsors can now view benefits online

Vrij Nederland, 27 October 2007, According to Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson, founder of

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