Banzoumana Coulibaly

Project manager, Bamako

Banzoumana cooperates with partners and users of Akvo tools in West Africa, providing support during and after training programmes. To this role, he brings his experience in WASH and civil engineering, as well as his knowledge of the West African region.

Banzoumana has extensive work experience in Mali (in all regions) and Burkina Faso. Before joining Akvo, Banzoumana worked for the Dutch NGO RAIN Foundation, and participated in the Young Expert Programme (YEP) Water in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. During his time in Burkina Faso, he worked for Action Against Hunger France.

Banzoumana holds a civil engineering diploma, option Building and Public Works, from the National Engineering School of Bamako. He also has an advanced master’s degree in humanitarian WASH from the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (2i Foundation) in Ouagadougou. Banzoumana is based in Bamako, Mali.¬†Follow him @bazoucoul.