Daniel Sunnerek

Developer, Gothenburg

Daniel joined Akvo in 2008, working on the development of Akvo RSR. He has contributed to all of Akvo’s products and had a key role in the release of RSR 2.0 and partner sites. Now he is focusing on the future evolution of the service-oriented backend platform. At Akvo, the major tools used are Clojure, Python, JavaScript & html. Prior to Akvo, Daniel developed apps for Mac and iOS both as a consultant and for his own projects.

He holds a BSc in Software Engineering from Lund University and has an MSc in International Project Management from Chalmers University of technology and Northumbria University. Even if Daniel is focusing on the backend he does enjoy working on the front end, thinking about user needs and how to make the experience as streamlined as possible. He is a generalist with a soft spot for simplicity and lean concepts. His home on the Internet is at www.kardans.com and he tweets as @kardan. He’s based in Gothenburg, Sweden.