Jigmy Lama

Programme officer, Kathmandu

Jigmy is responsible for conducting training on Akvo FLOW and RSR in Nepal and other countries. He also initiates and strengthens coordination between NGOs, INGOs and governments on the use of Akvo tools in Nepal, as well as other Akvo FLOW users in South Asia. Jigmy started off as a microbiology graduate from Tribhuwan University in Nepal, and later worked for 3 years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as an IT Assistant in a private firm. Returning to Nepal in 2012 he started to work with Lumanti Support Group for Shelter, a national NGO and member of Nepal WASH Alliance as water, sanitation and hygiene as Monitoring and Documentation Officer, having earlier acquired hands-on experience of as a monitoring and documentation associate in a local NGO in Nepal.

During his tenure in Lumanti, Jigmy was trained on both RSR and FLOW, and was one of the key drivers for their use and uptake in the WASH Alliance. He has also written blogs for the WASH Alliance of his experience in using Akvo FLOW in the field. He has shared the use of Akvo FLOW by Nepal WASH Alliance in its outcome monitoring, in the 37th International WEDC Conference held in Hanoi, Vietnam in September, 2014. Follow Jigmy on Twitter @jigmylama.