Linda Leunissen

Art director, London

Linda is responsible for the way Akvo’s story is told visually. In this role she lends her graphic and design skills to many areas of our foundation, setting the visual style for our brand. You can see her work in many of our materials, from printed leaflets, presentations and our website to the way we dress our offices and events.

Linda started at Akvo as our in house graphic designer. Prior to joining Akvo she worked as a consultant for Artamuse, where she developed lesson projects about audio-visual arts for elementary schools. She also worked as a graphic designer for ZZDP Architecten. Linda’s passion for design and cultural heritage has led her to volunteer her time and expertise to organisations such as Centraal Museum, NorthernLight, and CODA Museum and at a number of schools in the Netherlands, where she taught fine arts and cultural heritage.

Linda has a BA in Cultural Heritage from Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam and a BA in Fine Arts in Education from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, the Netherlands. In addition to working for Akvo she runs Dutches, her own design studio. She is based in London. You can find her on Twitter @LindaDutches.