Lynn Greenwood

Product manager & internal IT, Stockholm

Lynn wears two hats in Akvo. As product manager,  Lynn serves the end-users, partners and stakeholders of Akvo Sites, as well as Lynn is responsible for market research, ROI, customer feedback analysis as well as acting as a bridge between users and the development team. Lynn also runs Internal IT projects for the Akvo team.  She began her career in IT as a support person in her hometown, Cape Town.

Lynn has worked in IT Management roles for logistics companies in both London and Amsterdam, as well as for a university in London.  Lynn loves the ever changing world of technology and her ability to influence and participate in developments that have wide-reaching social benefits through her role at Akvo. South African by birth, Lynn is now based in Sweden. Lynn is passionate about gardening, albeit in the Nordics. She speaks English, Dutch, Afrikaans and Swedish. Follow her at @lynngre.