Maaike van der Velden

Talent growth & HR manager, Amsterdam

Maaike is responsible for the talent growth and human resource management at Akvo. She supports Akvo staff with professional and talent development. Her drive is to create healthy, inspiring and meaningful workplaces.

Maaike has had the privilege of working in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, in the Netherlands and abroad. She worked for several years in the field of HIV prevention and sexual reproductive health and rights, mainly with key populations as sex workers, youth and drug users.

Before working at Akvo, Maaike gained more experience in commercial consultancy activities. Her main focus was communication and leadership development. Maaike is skilled in several training and coaching methods. She prefers working with appreciative inquiry and positive psychological principles, because she believes that these methods are the most effective to change behaviour and organisations.

Maaike has a bachelor’s degree from the Universiteit van Amsterdam and a master’s in culture organisation and management from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Follow her @MaaikeVelden.