Mark Tiele Westra

Senior advisor, Amsterdam

Mark is senior advisor at Akvo. He helps ensure the scientific quality and content of a number of Akvo projects in which science (data analysis, sensors, GIS, modelling) plays an important role. His main focus is Akvo Caddisfly.

Prior to this, Mark has held several roles in Akvo, such as product team lead, product manager of Lumen, product manager and developer of Flow, and editor of Akvopedia.

Studying physics and philosophy of technology at Technical University of Twente, he holds a PhD in physics from the Eindhoven Technical University. Previously head of communication of a Dutch scientific institute working on nuclear fusion, he also led communications for the European Fusion programme and international fusion experiment, ITER. On the Working Group on Development Techniques (WOT), at University of Twente, he develops and disseminates knowledge of simple technology for using wind, water and solar power in developing countries. He has conducted technical training on rope pumps in Nicaragua and Tanzania. He joined Akvo at the end of 2008. Follow him on Twitter @mtwestra.