Stellan Lagerström

Developer, Stockholm

Stellan is a developer, programmer and engineer who likes to work at the point where software and hardware intercept. He’s currently focused on developing Akvo FLOW, making it easier to use and more closely aligned to user needs. Until recently he was senior product engineer at the Blindsight Corporation where he created very sophisticated applications of machine vision for blind and visually impaired people.

Stellan first met Akvo’s Thomas Bjelkeman and Gabriel von Heijne when they studied together at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm in the 1980s. Stellan stayed at the Institute as systems manager, eventually joining the team that built Astrid-2, a Swedish plasma physics research satellite. In the late 1990s he co-founded Concinnity, a maker of online business management tools and, in 1999, together with Thomas, the web development and management company Zezame. Stellan is based in Stockholm.