At Akvo, we provide a series of design, data and tech services.

To achieve maximum impact and use the available resources in the best way, we start with a design phase. This helps you to gain clarity on your objectives, the data you need, and the roles and responsibilities of each partner, and can be done in a single workshop or a more extensive strategic session. Once your programme is set up for cost-effective and sustainable success, our data and tech services will ensure you have the skills, processes, and tools you need to achieve impact.

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Akvo Flow and Akvo RSR
Our core apps are open source and have been built according to sector needs, key partner requirements, and with our on-the-ground partners in mind. Akvo Flow helps you to capture, clean and monitor reliable data anywhere, regardless of internet connection, you can visualise your data and easily share dynamic dashboards online. Akvo RSR is an online data platform where all your planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning (PMEL) processes come together.

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