Bring your story together

A website designed to help you get the most out of the Akvo systems you use every day.

An Akvo Site helps people dive deep into the work you and your partners do. It combines a clear and simple first impression with the ability to feature all your programme activity in dynamic detail. Akvo Sites are developed and hosted by us so you don’t need to maintain the infrastructure. They’re attractive, modern, cost-effective and based on open source technology.

You choose the branding, look and feel. Then just pick from a menu of content options and live feeds. Piece together the elements you need, in the style that works for you, to reach the people you want to reach.

The result is a website that brings to life the work of an organisation or group of organisations.

Who's using Akvo Sites

Akvo Sites are often used by groups of organisations collaborating around a specific programme or when organisations don’t have the capacity or resources to build and maintain a website themselves.

Here are some examples.

Technical information

  • Akvo can help you set up and register a domain.
  • Akvo Sites are built using WordPress.
  • Akvo provides design and technical support during build and once live.
  • You have full administration rights and editing capabilities for your site.
  • Akvo Sites currently draw data from Akvo RSR and Akvopedia. In future, Akvo Flow data will be integrated.
  • A range of other content plugins are available, such as Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr as well as options to let people download content or fill in forms.