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Akvopedia is a free to use online resource for finding and sharing knowledge about all stages of water, sanitation and hygiene projects, as well as food and nutrition security. It is filled with information on smart and affordable technologies and approaches in rural or urban settings. Project teams can use it to learn more about financing, constructing and maintaining a project to keep it functioning and stable for the long term.

Anyone can edit and contribute knowledge to Akvopedia. It currently contains 1,954 articles primarily in English, as well as some in French and Spanish.

Six portals

Today, Akvopedia contains more than 1,100 articles. The content is primarily in English with numerous other languages, thanks to an ongoing translation programme. It is organised within five portals – Water, Sanitation, Finance, Sustainability and Decision & assessment tools.

Project Links

Akvopedia is now linked to the Akvo RSR platform, so it features links to real water and sanitation projects underway around the world. This includes locations, budgets, funders, support partners and field teams, as well as status updates as the projects move from conception to completion. Over time we plan to extend this capability as ever larger numbers of projects relevant to Akvopedia topics come online through our network of more than 1000 partners around the world.


You can help improve Akvopedia by contributing definitions, knowledge from studies, field experiences, pictures, videos, construction manuals and other materials. Akvopedia articles have a uniform structure navigated by friendly icons, so readers can quickly find what they need and share it with others. Adding and editing articles is quick and easy – our online guide will take you through the simple steps.

For those with good content but no time to share it, we offer free editorial services and can help to update your licensing policies.

For more information, contact Winona Azure, Akvopedia editor
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