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Pricing - Let’s get to work

Akvo is established as a non-profit foundation. We work on the basis of ‘not for profit, not for loss’.

We aim to provide well-supported, high quality, affordable services that continue to improve over time and are sustainable for the long term. Our tools help our partners spend money and use resources more efficiently and intelligently.

We run our software as a service for over a thousand partners, so we can develop and support it at a lower cost than any partner could achieve doing the same in-house.

The cost of Akvo Flow involves two factors. The first is the product (including technical support) - we call this the Flow rate. The second is the provision of Akvo people to give training and programme support to those who are adopting it on the ground.

Akvo Flow rates

Flow is priced according to the number of survey forms submitted. With our latest pricing packages you can run Flow on any number of devices, and all rates now offer the same level of user support. You can move between Flow rates and add extra forms easily, in batches. Akvo Flow can support the submission of millions of forms. Talk to us for large enterprise pricing.

Everyone who uses Flow, at whatever rate, gets the fully featured product. These rates apply to new contracts.

Contact an Akvo team member today, to discuss your requirements.

Akvo RSR software is provided as a service that is priced annually according to the number of projects featured, plus an additional set up cost. We also provide consulting services to help with implementation, building on Akvo’s experience implementing open standards such as IATI. As with Akvo FLOW, RSR training and support prices are separate, and are based on the number of days of support needed, and the staff experience required.

Akvo Sites build on your investment in Akvo RSR, and involve a setup fee, covering basic design, and an annual fee to run the site as a service on your behalf.

Please get in touch if you’d like more information about pricing for these products.

Training and programme support

Introducing powerful new tools like Flow and RSR bring to the fore the need to improve skills in your organisation. These can include survey design, interview methods, communication and reporting skills, data analysis and more.

It often involves putting smartphones into the hands of people for the first time, who work in some of the poorest and most challenging parts of the world.

Please get in touch to talk through getting the right balance.