Learn more about how our data platform can help you improve and showcase your results

Monitor, report and share with ease

Monitor, assess and report on your projects using a simple web interface in Akvo RSR. Showcase your results in exactly the way you want to using the intuitive page builder in Akvo Sites.

Scale your programmes

Easily monitor the results of hundreds of projects in one platform. Align dispersed teams, aggregate your results, and bring your story together in one website.

Go multilingual

The Sites backend and frontend are multilingual, allowing you to share your story in the language of your audience. RSR is available in French and Spanish.

Link with other tools

Connect our open source platform with other tools and easily showcase your work.

More features

Share your project information

Publish an RSR web page for each project and communicate key facts: what activities is your project is implementing, who are your partners, where are you working, who is benefitting from your project and how.

Create your online results framework

Define your results and indicators, monitor and assess your projects, and follow your progress using a simple web interface. The RSR results framework reduces the reporting burden, making it easy for everyone working on a project to regularly report on the results they’ve achieved without the need for email or spreadsheets.

Define project hierarchies

Get a complete overview of your programme’s results by building a hierarchy of parent/child/grandchild projects. That way, you can easily aggregate results up through the project hierarchy.

Publish project updates

Team members can post project updates so that everyone knows what’s happening. These updates can be incorporated into your monitoring and reporting, enriching your qualitative data.

Create reports at the click of a button

Export and view project data at the click of a button. Create reports using templates, or customise your own reports based on your organisation’s or donors’ requirements.

Report according to IATI standards

Easily publish your results to the International Aid Transparency Initiative registry, no coding required. Import IATI files to RSR and enrich them with photos, videos and updates.

Use the RSR Up app off grid

The RSR Up Android app lets you prepare and post project updates from the field on your smartphone, even when you’re out of signal range, and instantly publish when online again.

Integrate RSR with your own website

RSR can be integrated with your existing website, incorporating your own branding style. Of if you prefer, we can create a standalone site for you.

Choose your theme

With Akvo Sites, you can easily set up and register your domain and start creating your website. Choose a template for any type of programme, with specific themes focused on water quality and agriculture.

Easily customise your website

The intuitive page builder editor allows you to design your site exactly the way you want it. Use drag and drop options and the advanced editing feature to choose your main colour, palette and theme.

Create compelling content

Sites has hundreds of widgets to choose from, allowing you to easily fill rows on your site with various types of engaging content.

Select custom post types

Create special pages to highlight your work, with defined filtering options based on the types of media, location, language and more.

Use a range of plugins

A range of other content plugins are available, such as Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr as well as options to let people download content or fill in forms.

Measure success

Akvo works closely with you to ensure that your Site is created with goals and metrics set up to measure the success of your programme. Receive meaningful insights on your website with monthly analytics reports.

Integrate Sites with other tools

Interactive visualisations and dashboards can be added to your Site so that you can easily showcase your work. You can also integrate your social media accounts.

Use on any device

Pages on Sites are optimised for mobile viewing, with responsive design features.

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