More than 40% of the world’s population face water scarcity and many are affected by contaminants like E. coli, fluoride, and arsenic. In many countries, water quality monitoring is done by collecting a limited number of water samples and transporting them to laboratories, leading to high costs and questionable data quality across the board.

At Akvo, we help organisations and governments continuously monitor water point functionality and water quality in a fast, affordable and scalable way. Through our data journey methodology and data platform, you can easily interpret test results, create interactive maps, and generate insights for decision making.

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Discover the data journey for safe water for all

1. Design

Gain clarity on the context and problem you are trying to solve, the water quality and water point data you need to generate insights, and the roles of the people involved.

2. Capture

Choose from over 30 parameters and a variety of testing methods to capture water quality and water point functionality data at scale using a smartphone connected to proven hardware.

3. Understand

Analyse your waterpoint data to identify patterns and trends and extract insights to enable you to make the right decisions.

4. Act

Create a digital water quality and water point functionality monitoring system. Share your data on a national water portal or online dashboard and drive decision making to reach impact.

Why use the Akvo data platform for your WASH programme?


Receive results instantly on your smartphone and translate them into real-time decision making dashboards.


Test over 30 parameters for a range of purposes. Choose from colorimetry, sensors, microbiology, and test strips.


Save money and time on lab testing, sample conservation, transport and data handling. Select methods based on your resources.


Choose your required accuracy based on your needs. For example, use a portable photometer for high accuracy.


The app guides you through each test step by step and you can easily manage your data in a cloud-based data system.


Run the system on any number of devices and support the submission of thousands of forms. Share your results instantly.

See water quality testing in action

Explore water point and water quality dashboards

Ghana's water atlas

Sierra Leone's water atlas

Liberia's water atlas

Water quality in Mali (in French)

Mali's water atlas (in French)

Water quality in Sierra Leone


partners testing water quality


countries tested for water quality


national open water portals created

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