Universal access to safe and affordable drinking water is still a challenge

Over 40% of the world’s population face water scarcity and many are also affected by contaminants like E. coli, fluoride, and arsenic.

Currently, water quality monitoring in developing countries is mainly done by collecting a limited number of water samples and transporting them to laboratories. This leads to high costs per test and questionable data quality across the board.

We’re on a mission to change that.

"Across the world, many people depend on water taken directly from rivers and wells. The quality of water we drink is as much under threat as access to water itself."

Erik Solheim

UN Environment Executive Director and Under Secretary-General of the United Nations

Water quality in Sierra Leone

Click on the image to explore the full interactive dashboard of water quality in Sierra Leone.

To move closer to safe water for all, we need


Gain clarity on the context and problem you are trying to solve, the priority parameters you need to test and the roles of the people involved.


Choose from 29 parameters and a variety of testing methods to capture water quality data at scale using a smartphone connected to proven hardware.


Visualise the data immediately on an online dashboard, map or interactive chart and compare the results to water quality standards.


Share your findings with the people that need to see them, and drive decision making to reach impact.

A wake up call

World Bank's overview of the state of water supply, sanitation, and hygiene services in Nigeria. The report is based on data collected #withAkvo.

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Data-driven development

World Bank's report aiming to assist developing countries in unlocking the value of data for better decision making. 

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WPDx platform

The Water Point Data Exchange (WPDx) is the global platform for sharing water point data. Data is collected #withAkvo.

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Working on a water quality testing programme?

Starter partnership

€15,000 - €25,000
Local support with your project implementation


Design - Kick-off meeting. Water quality testing system and hardware set up.

Capture - Training and support in data collection and water quality testing.

UnderstandData visualisation support.


Water quality tests: 100 - 1,500

People trained: 1 - 10

Data journey partnership

€25,000 - €100,000
Continuous support throughout your data journey


Design -  Programme design workshop. Water quality testing system and hardware set up. Support in selecting parameters and survey design.

Capture - Training and support in water quality testing and data collection and monitoring.

Understand - Data analysis workshop. Support in data visualisation and analysis.

Act - Support in translating insights into reports and websites. 


Water quality tests: 1,500 - 20,000

People trained: 10 - 49

Strategic partnership

Strategic collaboration at multi-organisation or multi-country level


Design - Full programme design collaboration. Water quality testing system and hardware set up. Support in survey design, sample design and parameter selection.

Capture - Support in collecting and monitoring water quality data at scale.

Understand - Training and support in cleaning, combining, transforming, visualising and analysing data.

Act - Support in translating insights into decisions that drive impact. Support with internal and external communications.


Water quality tests: 20,000+

People trained: 50 - 100 people

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