Sustainable farming for smallholders is a challenge

Around 90% of the farms globally are small (less than two hectares in size) and cultivated by 1.5 billion of the world’s poor. They often lack secure access and rights to land, productive resources, knowledge, markets and opportunities.

Importantly, they lack the information they need to sustainably increase their yield while protecting the environment.

We’re on a mission to change that.

""A sustainable world is one where people can escape poverty and enjoy decent work without harming the earth’s essential ecosystems and resources"

Ban-Ki Moon

UN Secretary-General

Smallholder vegetable farming in Indonesia


Click on the image to explore the full interactive dashboard of smallholder vegetable farmer data in Indonesia.

To move closer to smallholder sustainability, we need


Gain clarity on the problems smallholders face, and the critical information they need to sustainably increase their yield.


Collect relevant data in the field. Combine it with satellite data so that information can be tailored to specific locations.


Integrate and analyse the relevant data sets. Work with experts to translate the data into actionable insights for farmers.


Provide farmers with a mobile application with tailor-made advice. Monitor farmer’s progress and compliance with sustainability standards.

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