More than 40% of the world’s population face water scarcity and many are affected by contaminants like E. coli, fluoride, and arsenic. The climate crisis is taking a heavy toll on our water resources, and reliable data is a crucial component to managing water and ensuring safe and sustainable access.

At Akvo, we provide digital data solutions so that organisations and governments can monitor their WaSH activities, waterpoints and water quality data in a fast, affordable and scalable way.

Discover our WaSH and water quality data solutions.

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What WaSH and water quality data services and solutions does Akvo offer?

Design your water quality data or WASH programme

Test and monitor 30+ water quality parameters using a smartphone and hardware

Develop WaSH surveys for a variety of programme purposes

Digitise your data management for WaSH and water quality monitoring

Analyse your water quality data, create interactive maps, and generate insights for decision making

Implement PMEL platforms to monitor programme performance (including SDG and JMP monitoring)

Explore water quality dashboards

Water quality in Mali (in French)

Sierra Leone's water atlas

Liberia's water atlas

Download resources

How to implement a water quality testing programme

Check out our step-by-step guide for WaSH professionals

How to set up a water quality testing system at national level

Discover key takeaways from the UNICEF WCARO programme in Sierra Leone

Digital water quality testing for Water Safety Plans

Find out how to incorporate digital water quality testing into your Water Safety Plans (WSP)

Do you want to digitise your WaSH and water quality monitoring?

Akvo can support you in designing and implementing your data driven water programme.

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