Akvo has a proven track record in building robust and effective national and subnational WASH monitoring systems for governments worldwide.

Water and sanitation ministries and local governments lack timely and accurate data to inform resource allocation and investment decisions. National monitoring systems are crucial to understanding user needs, improving government decision making, and increasing access to reliable WASH services.

Akvo’s unique approach

Data for decision making

We understand the complexities involved in gathering, analysing and combining WASH, water quality, and infrastructure data at both sub-national and national levels. We bring extensive experience on how to work with frameworks such as JMP and SDG6, and how to use this data for decision making.

Digital Public Good approach

We do not build these systems in isolation. These data ecosystems are founded on a social contract for data, in which data is used to drive impact based on value, trust and equity. We encourage collaboration between various stakeholders to ensure these systems provide sustainable impact.

Local presence and global scale

We have a local presence on five continents and operate on a global scale. Our extensive network allows you to tap into a wealth of knowledge and best practices from around the world, ensuring that your system is built on a foundation of international expertise.

15+ years of WASH experience

Akvo has a proven track record in developing and implementing monitoring systems in the WASH and WRM sectors, including in low digital maturity environments, making us a trusted partner for governments seeking to improve their WASH services.

Tailored technology

Each government’s needs and goals are unique. We leverage state-of-the-art technology, including mobile data collection, GIS mapping, and cloud-based platforms to provide real-time insights. We choose the solution according to the digital maturity and goals of the country, and design each feature to suit the needs of the end user.

Building capacity for sustainability

We are committed to building the capacity of governments and civil society to manage and sustain monitoring systems independently. Our Akvo teams around the globe ensure contextualised and hands-on workshops and training sessions.

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