From water data to action

At Akvo, we empower the water sector to harness the power of data for impactful decision making. How? We help organisations and governments collect, analyse, share, and reuse water data at scale and build custom digital platforms to drive data-driven decision making. We collaborate with national and local governments and international water actors to design sustainable solutions for all. Our mission is to make the water sector more data driven, citizen centred, and climate resilient.

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Our water data and tech services

We offer data and technology services tailored to your needs and goals, and we bring water sector expertise and local presence to ensure that the work we do is contextually relevant and sustainable.

National WASH monitoring information systems

We create web and mobile platforms for (sub)national governments to collect, manage, analyse and share WASH data in a structured, standardised manner. Our end-to-end intervention combines data and tech solutions with on-ground implementation to improve WASH and health outcomes.

WASH programme monitoring

We support WASH and water resource programme monitoring by collecting baseline and endline data and developing indicator dashboards for various stakeholders – from implementers to civil society – to access, utilise and share the data for better decision making.

WASH data exchange

We develop open source WASH data exchanges – centralised platforms where standardised (WPDx, JMP) and processed WASH data is readily available for data-driven investments and interventions.

Advanced analytics for development programmes

The importance of data for water management

One in four people around the world lack safely managed drinking water. The majority of people without access to safe water live in rural, low income countries. 

High quality data and information are crucial to decision making for all types of actors: governments, citizens, and NGOs. We empower actors with enhanced decision making and digital tools to improve resource allocation, service delivery, and policy making.

What is your key challenge when it comes to water and WASH data? Speak to our team to find out how Akvo can help you with your data and technology needs.

Ebook: How to implement a water quality testing programme

A step-by-step guide for WaSH professionals

Emeline Bereziat is Akvo’s global water lead and data expert.

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