Salut! Aw ni sɔgɔma! Ne-y yibeoogo!

Welcome to Akvo West Africa.

We’re a team of 14 people and we speak Français, English, Bambara and Mòorē.

At Akvo West Africa, we support our partners in collecting high quality data and scaling up projects. We can support you throughout your data journey, from designing surveys to reporting your results.

We are proud of these projects

  • Accelerating sanitation and water for all in West and Central Africa with UNICEF, IRC and national governments

  • Strengthening the voice of civil society with the Watershed Programme

  • Monitoring the use of eco-friendly cook stoves in the Sahel region with Tiipaalga

  • Developing the livestock value chain in Mali with AECOM

  • Creating national water atlases with five West African governments

  • Unlock the power of your data with Akvo

In West Africa, over 35 organisations in 15 countries power their projects with Akvo.

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Rue 17 -Porte 305

Badalabougou Est

BP 2220 Bamako


Sect. 24 (Ex30)

ZAD II 01BP 625

Ouagadougou 01

Burkina Faso

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