We’re a mixed bunch here at Akvo, and our diversity is key to our success. The team is made up of over 100 bright minds and passionate hearts, from software developers to monitoring and evaluation specialists; from data scientists to water quality experts.

A thorough understanding of local context is key in providing partners with the best possible support. That’s why we have regional hubs on five continents to provide local knowledge and expertise to our partners. The rest of our team work remotely from places like Sweden, Bangladesh, Colombia, Spain, Australia, the United Kingdom, Nepal and Uganda.

Are you looking for our board members?

Get to know us

  • Jeroen van der Sommen

    Co-founder & director, Amsterdam

  • Peter van der Linde

    Co-founder & solutions director, Amsterdam

  • Kathelyne van den Berg

    Chief financial officer & director, Amsterdam

  • Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson

    Co-founder & senior advisor, Stockholm

  • Daniel Sunnerek

    Developer, Gothenburg

  • Linda Leunissen

    Art director, London

  • Loïc Sans

    Design & user interface lead, Helsinki

  • Charlotte Soedjak

    Project manager, Amsterdam

  • Emeline Bereziat

    Burkina Faso hub manager, Ouagadougou

  • Phylis Gichuru Webi

    Finance officer, Nairobi

  • Francis Warui

    Project officer, Nairobi

  • Hans Merton

    Director of operations, Amsterdam

  • Dagmar Heemskerk-Verbeek

    South East Asia & Pacific hub manager, Denpasar

  • Joy Ghosh

    Senior data services expert, Denpasar

  • Isha Parihar

    Project officer, Delhi

  • Rajashi Mukherjee

    Senior planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning (PMEL) expert, Kolkata

  • Iván Perdomo

    Developer, Pamplona

  • Andrew Molo

    Project officer, Nairobi

  • Emmanuel Mulo

    Developer, Barcelona

  • Winona Azure

    Akvopedia editor, Oregon

  • Jigmy Lama

    Project manager, Kathmandu

  • Greta Osinskaite

    Financial project controller, Amsterdam

  • Ethel Méndez Castillo

    Americas hub manager, Washington D.C.

  • Lars Heemskerk

    Project manager, Bamako

  • Abdoulaye Semdé

    Mali hub manager, Bamako

  • Jana Gombitova

    Product manager, Amsterdam

  • Kiarii Ngua

    Interaction designer, Helsinki

  • Geert Soet

    Data services expert, Amsterdam

  • Banzoumana Coulibaly

    Project manager, Bamako

  • Cica Sumiasih

    Office manager, Denpasar

  • Ayan Biswas

    East Africa hub manager, Nairobi

  • Werner Coombe

    Senior finance manager, Amsterdam

  • Maaike van der Velden

    Talent growth & HR manager, Amsterdam

  • Ingrid Budil

    Office manager, Amsterdam

  • Anita van der Laan

    Senior planning, monitoring, evaluation & learning (PMEL) expert, Amsterdam

  • Ima Puspita Sari

    Project manager, Denpasar

  • Samuel Thomas

    Developer, Delhi

  • Harro Riedstra

    Programme manager, Amsterdam

  • Olivia Mary Nalweyiso

    Programme manager, Nairobi

  • Rabdo Abdoulaye

    Project manager, Ouagadougou

  • Birama Sangaré

    Project officer, Bamako

  • Wendemi Ilboudo

    Finance and HR administrator, Ouagadougou

  • Puneeth Chaganti

    Developer, Bangalore

  • Valeria Rogatchevskikh

    Developer, Barcelona

  • Karmath Subedi

    Project officer, Kathmandu

  • Walter van Opzeeland

    Programme manager

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    Product manager, Amsterdam

  • Georgia Walker

    Marketing & communications executive, Amsterdam

  • Laura Tufis

    Marketing manager, Amsterdam

  • Veerle van Loevezijn

    Project manager, Amsterdam

  • Daniel Lebrero

    Developer, Zaragoza

  • Ilyasse Kabore

    Data services expert, Ouagadougou

  • Andreas Jonsson

    Computer consultant, Skellefteå

  • Frodo van Oostveen

    Akvo ambassador

  • Eric Siegel

    Project officer, Bogotá

  • Deden Bangkit

    Data services expert, Denpasar

  • Juan Antonio Ruz Velasco

    Developer, Sevilla

  • Mert Blommestijn

    Project officer, Amsterdam

  • Irene Westra

    Project officer, Nairobi

  • Martin Christov

    Developer, Sofia

  • Carmen Wolvius

    Data services expert, Amsterdam

  • Meet our team
    Marvin Kome

    Developer, Lagos

  • Florent Bobakebe Some

    Programme manager, Ouagadougou

  • Franky Li

    Programme manager, Amsterdam

  • Karen Blanken
    Karen Blanken

    HR officer, Amsterdam